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Building and construction work demands a lot of material, in which Admixtures play an essential role. These chemicals are added to plaster or used for coating. The main purpose of these them is to improve the properties of material in which these are added.
Tile Adhesive & Grouts
Tile adhesive is needed at the time of tiles installation. The glue can fix the tiles quickly. The mixture prepared is needed to be spread completely on the back of tiles.
Wall Finishes & Paints

Wall Finishes & Paints are very good protective and decorative enamel for exterior purpose. These paints are excellent for home appliances, electrical fittings, toys, and automobile industries. These paints are designed to give excellent finish, gloss and colour retention properties to the substrate.They have flexibility, hardness and solvent resistance.

Ready Mix Mortar

Ready Mix Mortar has high tensile strength, impact and abrasion resistant, water proof, and safe to use. This product exhibits excellent adhesion to acid resistant bricks/tile, concrete, MS surface.This powder has very low absorption and very high chemical & physical properties.This product is very cost effective and can be easily availed at cheaper rates.

Concrete Repairs
Concrete Repair chemicals are required when making the structures resistant to water. Waterproofing is mainly done on the roofs of homes, offices, and other building structures.
Anti Corrosive Systems
Anti Corrosive Systems is a bonding agent which ensures dual bonding. It can be readily applied using a brush on concrete surfaces. It takes one day to dry completely.
Concrete Essentials
Concrete Essentials is a material with strong adhesive strength, chemical resistance and mechanical ability. It is mainly used on dents and cracks. One can achieve food surface finish using it.
Engineering Grouts & Industrial Flooring
House or commercial building repair demands the use of ready to use polymer mortar. It bonds on dense surface as well. It can be used to fill all the cracks.
Waterproofing System Product
The Waterproofing System Products can be suited for the repairs as well as novel constructions. They are used to provide homogenous adhesive bond to many old as well as new substrate. The waterproofing done by these stay permanently tough.
Adhesive Primers

Adhesive Primers are widely used to improve the performance properties of epoxies, urethanes and silicones. They have low viscosity, higher moisture resistance, high chemical resistance, and excellent durability. These colourless liquids can be applied by brushing, wiping or dipping.They are very easy to apply and safe to use.

Mcon Poly Seal

Mcon Poly Seal is high performance concrete curing & sealing compound. This seal is highly suitable to seal all types of plastic films.This creates a glossy membrane which remains as it is throughout its service life. This seal requires very low maintenance and replacement costs.

Crack Filling Service

Crack Filling Service is a service which provides a team of members for performing the process of filling the cracks. This service is widely used in various applications areas like residences, institutions, and offices. This service is performed by engineers and gives excellent results too.

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