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Waterproofing Chemicals

To safeguard your home from external damage we are here with a wide range of Waterproofing Chemicals. These chemicals are utilized for saving various surfaces in buildings from water and moisture. They work effectively in all weather conditions. The major surfaces that require these chemicals are roofs, below ground, bathrooms, beams, water tanks, walls and so on. They save from leakage and all sorts of patches that occur due to moisture. These chemicals have a good bonding strength and breathability. Our gamut of Waterproofing Chemicals is very effective and even saves from UV radiations, fungus attacks and mechanical stresses.

MCON LWP is a fine cementitious powder to be mixed with concrete and cement mortar mixes to improve their workability, increase the yield and also make them waterproof.MCON LWP is a traditional admixture to fill natural pores within the concrete or mortar matrix to reduce porosity and improve water tightness.
Price : 25 INR