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Gypsum Bond

We are recognized for making available a wide range of Gypsum Bond. These are available in various quantity packaging as per the requirement of the client. They are packaged in cans and bottles so that there is easy transit of the material. These are used in construction of walls and ceilings strongly and sturdily. The surfaces that are bonded by these materials can be easily refinished or decorated. These majorly give strong bond to plasters and surfaces to make the building stronger and highly durable. Our array of Gypsum Bond is demanded due to its performance and cost effectiveness.

MCON Ultra Gypsum Bond 20KG
MCON Ultra Gypsum Bond 20KG
MCON ULTRA GYPBOND is an acrylic polymer based bonding agent from selected synthetic copolymers to perform as a bonding agent to create strong bond of Gypsum Plaster on any cementitious substrate including high quality concrete surfaces. It comes in Green color and hence is easily traceable for application. It provides a strong chemical bonding coat and also a mechanical bonding substrate.